Impossible Blue

16 Jan

I was thinking of the classes I teach today.  Richard Wagamese writes of the impossible blue, that space between where the clouds touch the sky…where they reach up to those magical places.  It is where the sun rising and the constellations of colours meet, that paint a morning sky in a different way.  It is in those moments of reflection…in places that are special that allow us the gift in seeing what might seem impossible.  It is so much like teaching!!!


The Crow

10 Jan

After a poetic reading of  Richard Wagamese’s narrative entitled “The Crow” I thought it would be appropriate to unpack that story a little.  I like it…it fits…it works as it reminds me of this job that is so much more than a job.  It is a gift to be teachers…it is a huge responsibility but one that gives back in so many ways.  Its like that Crow…unheralded not always the shining star or the most poetic of calls but its sound has a purpose…a gift in a different way.

Thanks….for this gift

What is pedagogy?

9 Jan

What a great question one part philosophy one part part art.  I believe it is the creative mixture of all these beautiful things coming together to create something magical in the educative space that we all imagined when we were “called” to teach.


Let us keep this dialogue going creating stories of our journey so we can look back at all the growth…at us becoming…as we find ourselves reflecting along the way.


All good things colleagues.